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Chris J. Jackson

Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson is the Accident Benefits Manager at Smitiuch Injury Law. Mr. Jackson is responsible for managing all accident benefit matters related to a case. Before joining Smitiuch Injury Law Chris was a Senior Accident Benefits Examiner and ADR Coordinator with a large insurance company. He brings a wealth of experience to the firm including senior roles as a Rehabilitation Consultant, Director of Client Services (Plaintiff) and Vice-President at a Disability Management firm.

Mr. Jackson holds a Master of Divinity degree and a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) degree both from King's University College at The University of Western Ontario. He was awarded a Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) Medal for twelve years of honourable service in the Canadian Armed Forces (Reserves).

Chris was the Chair of the Law Clerks Section of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association for 2013 to 2015. He has spoken at several conferences on accident benefits related topics throughout Ontario and is also a regular speaker in the Essentials of Case Management course at McMaster University. In his spare time he volunteers on the Fundraising Committee for the Hamilton Brain Injury Association.

Chris is the recipient of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) Outstanding Law Clerk award for 2015.

Chris can be reached directly at, [email protected], 416-621-1551, ext. 202.

Vameesha Patel

Ms. Vameesha Patel is a Student-at-law with Smitiuch Injury Law.

She earned her law degree (J.D.) from the University of Windsor. Prior to studying law, Vameesha completed a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management and a minor in Psychology from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.

Following her undergraduate degree but prior to enrolling in law school in Ontario, Vameesha worked as a Human Resources Assistant in Burnaby, British Columbia.

During law school, Vameesha volunteered her time with the University of Windsor’s Pro Bono Students’ Canada chapter and Community Legal-Aid. In the summer prior to her last year of law school, she spent her time at Legal Assistance of Windsor working on matters pertaining to Housing Law, Public Benefits Law and applications to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board.

In her spare time, Vameesha enjoys cooking and baking, spending time with friends and family and reading.

Recently, Vameesha successfully passed both the Barrister and Solicitor Licensing Examinations.

Vameesha can be reached directly at, [email protected] or 416-621-1551, ext. 214.

Frank Piazza

Mr. Frank Piazza is a Student-at-law with Smitiuch Injury Law.

He earned his law degree (J.D.) from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Before studying law, he completed an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Windsor.

Before joining Smitiuch Injury Law, Frank worked at a variety of jobs including a Busboy/Server at an Italian restaurant, a Research Assistance at a chemistry laboratory, and Queen’s Legal Aid Clinic. He has also been known to do manual labour in exchange for food from friends and family. Outside of work, Frank enjoys basketball, boxing, cooking, and musical theatre.

Recently, Frank successfully passed both the Barrister and Solicitor Licensing Examinations.

Frank can be reached directly at, [email protected] or 416-621-1551, ext. 237.

Arthur P. Ryan

Arthur P. Ryan is the Litigation Coordinator at Smitiuch Injury Law. Mr. Ryan has extensive expertise in serious slip and fall incidents. He is responsible for case management, client liaison, trial and mediation preparation. In addition to his primary responsibilities within the Tort department, he is also a valuable resource to the Accident & Benefits and Marketing departments.

Mr. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance from Ryerson University.
Arthur can be reached directly at, [email protected], or 519-754-1558.

Keith W. Smitiuch

Keith W. Smitiuch is the Operations Manager at Smitiuch Injury Law. He brings a wealth of skill in process planning, project management and information technology. Mr. Smitiuch is a liaison with clients and assists them throughout their case. He is also responsible for the firm's business development initiatives and the operations and administration of the Toronto and Brantford offices.

Mr. Smitiuch holds a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) from McMaster University.
Keith can be reached directly at, [email protected], or 519-754-1558.

Dr. Daniel Wilhelmus

Dr. Daniel Wilhelmus is the Medical Consultant at Smitiuch Injury Law. Dr. Wilhelmus has been a practicing Chiropractor since 1995 and managed a large team of health care professionals in his home town of Simcoe, Ontario.

As the firm's Medical Consultant, Dan is responsible for providing an analysis of medical documents and for enhancing the firm's legal services in the Simcoe area. He also maintains a small Chiropractic practice in Simcoe.

Dan is certified in the AMA Guides to Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 4th edition by the American Board of Forensic Professionals and is a Certified Catastrophic Impairment Rater.

Dr. Wilhelmus can be reached directly at [email protected], or 416-621-1551.

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