Burns And Scar Injuries

Individuals who experience severe burns will often undergo a long and painful recovery. After the wounds have healed, the evidence of the trauma may remain in the form of scars.

Survivors of various forms of injury who carry permanent scarring need support to meet the medical and psychological challenges associated with moving on with their lives. Seeking legal advice can provide you with information about your possible legal rights to compensation and any benefits to which you may be entitled.

Smitiuch Injury Law: Helping Clients Receive Support

Scarring can arise from electrical burns, physical trauma, and a wide variety of accidents. Auto accidents, house fires, and equipment malfunction can all cause severe burns that require skin grafts and reconstructive surgery.

Our Toronto and Simcoe burn injury lawyers at Smitiuch Injury Law help those with burn and scar injury to understand their legal rights and potential avenues for compensation. Our firm knows the stress of legal proceedings can add an unnecessary burden to your life. Our catastrophic injury lawyers take care of securing your legal rights while you focus on moving forward.

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