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OPP: Highway Accident Fatalities Highest in 15 Years

Driving on the highway can be dangerous. At any given time, hundreds of vehicles can be traveling at high speeds. Many drivers are irresponsible, and car accidents are common. Sadly, these accidents can leave victims with fatal injuries—and in Ontario, the problem seems to be getting worse. Ontario highway accident statistics According to the Ontario...

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May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Canada

Warm spring weather in Toronto often signals the start of motorcycle season for many bikers in the GTA. That’s one reason May is designated Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, an annual educational event nicknamed “Riders For Life” and sponsored by the Motorcyclist Confederation of Canada. So, what can motorcyclists in Toronto do to stay safe on...

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Traumatic Brain Injuries Caused By Toronto Car Accidents

Why are head injuries so common in crashes? In Toronto, car accidents frequently lead to severe injuries. Among the most common and most severe are traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), often referred to simply as TBIs. But just how prevalent are crash-related brain injuries in Toronto? What types of TBIs do individuals typically sustain in car...

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Data Gaps in Toronto Cyclist and Pedestrian Injuries Raise Concerns

How many cyclists and pedestrians are actually being injured in Toronto? Initial data collected by officials in Toronto about the number of bicycle and pedestrian accidents fell far short of the actual number of accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists in the city, according to a more recent study conducted by researchers in Toronto. "One of...

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Survey Links Edibles To Rise In Cannabis-Impaired Driving

Driving impaired can result in serious and fatal car accidents It’s well-known that impaired driving is dangerous. Yet every year in the Greater Toronto Area, drivers get behind the wheel despite being impaired. Too often, they cause car accidents that leave people seriously injured. But a new survey suggests the problem of cannabis-impaired driving is...

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MADD Launches 36th Annual Red Ribbon Campaign in Toronto

Drunk driving is a deadly problem during the holiday season Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) recently launched its 36th annual Red Ribbon Campaign in Toronto in an effort to educate people about the dangers of drunk driving during the holiday season, which remains one of the leading causes of holiday car accidents in Toronto. “It...

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Toronto Unveils Plan to Tackle Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is a major problem in Toronto, raising the potential for serious and fatal car accidents. As we wrote about last month, the traffic in Toronto is actually ranked among the worst worldwide, according to a study. To address the danger and frustration posed by regular traffic jams, the Toronto Board of Trade recently...

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Toronto Ranked 13th Worst City for Driving Worldwide

Heavy traffic in Toronto is more than just a nuisance. Toronto was recently ranked the 13th worst city in the world for driving, according to a recent study cited in the National Post. A similar study released earlier this year found that the problem is getting even worse in Toronto when it comes to traffic...

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