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Motorcycles are popular in the GTA and throughout Ontario, but too many drivers don’t pay attention to motorcycles on the road. The result is an accident that can leave motorcyclists with serious injuries. The experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at Smitiuch Injury Law fight for the rights of the injured.

What happens after a motorcycle accident?

Motorcyclists often suffer serious injuries in an accident. Unlike car drivers and passengers, they have no seat belts, air bags or steel frame to help protect them during a crash. So they can be easily injured when struck directly or thrown to the ground from the impact a collision. When their crash was caused by a negligent driver, they deserve financial compensation.

Recovering compensation is complicated. Negligent drivers often won’t accept responsibility for the accident and deny doing anything wrong. Insurance companies aren’t much help. They will try to pay you as little as they possibly can. They have attorneys who help them find ways to limit your compensation.

That’s why you need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney on your side. We know this is a difficult and stressful time for victims and their families. Injuries may take months or longer to heal. You may be left with a permanent disability. The medical expenses for treatment add up quickly and you may have no way of paying the bills.

Why should I hire your firm to represent me in my motorcycle accident case?

Our attorneys understand the challenge and obstacles that exist when seeking compensation after a motorcycle accident. Insurance companies tend to think of motorcyclists as being reckless and irresponsible. The way they see it, a motorcyclist must have been somehow responsible for causing the crash.

We know that most motorcyclists are very responsible and careful on the road, because drivers tend to ignore them or see them as a nuisance. Sometimes drivers don’t see a motorcycle that is right next to them. Too often, the result is an accident that leaves motorcyclists hurt.

Our legal team investigates your motorcycle accident to get the facts. We gather evidence and carefully review accident reports, medical records and other documentation. In addition, we identify witnesses and interview them about what they saw. If needed, we work with accident reconstruction experts and other specialists.

What can I expect from my motorcycle accident case?

Insurance companies know our firm. One thing they know about us is that we are not afraid to go to court to fight for our clients. That’s one reason why we are often able to negotiate a settlement that meets the needs of our clients.

At Smitiuch Injury Law, we offer the resources and experience of a big law firm while providing the personal attention only a smaller firm can provide. One of our attorneys will guide you through the legal process every step of the way. We offer tireless representation until we help you recover financial compensation for your motorcycle accident.

Learn more about how we can help. Contact us to schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. Don’t worry about whether or not you can afford an attorney. Our policy is “no win, no fee.” You owe us nothing until we recover financial compensation for you. We have offices in Toronto, Brantford and Simcoe.


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