Wrongful Death And Fatal Accidents

Dealing with any death is difficult. Knowing someone else may be at fault for that death only adds to the emotional stress of the situation. At Smitiuch Injury Law, we know that taking legal steps to address a wrongful death is not about getting money; it's about preventing the loss from happening to another family.

Our greater Toronto lawyers are well equipped to serve clients whose loved one passed away due to an accidental death. We will investigate the circumstances of the death and attempt to establish the identity of at-fault parties. We stand beside families as they try to make right for others what went so badly wrong for them.

Lawyers Serving Clients Dealing With Loss

At Smitiuch Injury Law, we help our clients deal with a significant personal loss. As a small firm focused solely on personal injury and catastrophic injury claims, we help clients who need it the most, guiding them through the legal aspects of difficult periods in life.

If an individual has died as the result of another's wrongful act, several family members may be entitled to benefits, including siblings, parents, grandparents, spouses and dependants. Family members may be entitled to medical and burial costs, loss of income the deceased person would have earned, and compensation for pain and suffering. Our Toronto wrongful death lawyers can discuss your legal options and potential for recovery.

Contact Simcoe Fatal Accident Lawyers to Discuss Your Legal Issue

Our firm's initial consultation is risk-free, and once we take your case, we are paid only if we recover compensation for you. If you are concerned that the death of your loved one was as a result of another's negligence or wrongful act, take the time to give us a call at 416-621-1551 or toll free at 866-621-1551 or contact us online. We may be able to help you.