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Are These Toronto’s Most Dangerous Intersections?

Crash data analysis reveals the car accident hotspots in Toronto Car accidents happen every day in Toronto and throughout the GTA, but some areas pose a bigger risk to drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists than others. An analysis of City of Toronto Transportation Services crash data identifies intersections in the 6ix that had the most crashes…

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Ontario Motorcycle Crashes Are Five Times More Deadly Than Car Accidents

Toronto Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Discuss the Dangers Riders Face In many situations, a motorcycle accident will result in more damage than a car crash. One vehicle clearly offers more physical protection from other motorists and objects than the other. In fact, motorcycle accidents are five times more deadly than car accidents, according to research conducted…

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11 Winter Driving Tips For Staying Safe On The Road

As winter weather arrives in Ontario, there are concerns about driving. Snowy and icy conditions can be dangerous for drivers and increase the risk of car accidents that can leave people seriously injured. Here are 11 tips for safe winter driving: 1. Keep a “survival kit” in the trunk of your vehicle. Include items you…

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Car Accidents Often Cause Serious Facial Injuries

Toronto lawyers explain common causes and available compensation Some of the most serious and most common car accident injuries involve trauma to the face. One recent study found that 51 percent of people injured in a car crash sustain some type of facial injury. The study was conducted by surgeons at a medical college and…

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Crash fatalities in Ontario reached record highs in 2020

Toronto lawyers explain why fatal crashes increased in the province Even though there were fewer vehicles on the road last year in Ontario, the number of car accident fatalities reached “historic highs” in 2020, according to crash statistics collected by provincial police and reported by the CBC. Overall, motor vehicle fatalities increased by 22% in…

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Police link deadly crash to alcohol, distracted driving

Negligent drivers put all of us at risk on the road. There are many dangerous behaviours drivers engage in that can lead to car accidents that leave people with serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Police said that a June crash in Pickering that left one man dead may have involved two such behaviours. According to…

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