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Police link deadly crash to alcohol, distracted driving

Negligent drivers put all of us at risk on the road. There are many dangerous behaviours drivers engage in that can lead to car accidents that leave people with serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Police said that a June crash in Pickering that left one man dead may have involved two such behaviours. According to…

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Trucker found guilty of criminal negligence in deadly Toronto crash

The 40-year-old tractor-trailer driver from Winnipeg who caused a horrific chain-reaction crash on Highway 400 in Toronto where four people died has been found guilty of criminal negligence causing death — putting into focus yet again how trucker negligence can have fatal consequences for others on the road. Justice Michael Code found Sarbjit Singh Matharu…

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How is fault determined in a car accident?

Experienced Toronto lawyers explain how the process works in Ontario Determining who was at fault in a car accident might seem straightforward, especially if one driver clearly did something wrong to cause the crash. Collision investigations turn out to be much more complicated than many people expect, however, because determining fault in a crash often…

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Can I recover damages if I was at fault for an accident?

  Being involved in a car accident can leave crash victims shaken up, frustrated and unsure where to turn. You’re aware that significant damage was inflicted on your car and you need medical treatment. Yet, you’re not entirely sure who will pay for it. That’s because you were either at fault or partially at fault…

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How car accident settlements are determined

After a car accident, you likely have many questions about the settlement process. Negotiations can go on for a long time. There’s a good reason for that: we have to take many factors into account, and some of those factors aren’t immediately obvious after the crash. Here’s what you need to know about how car…

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Who pays for my damages after a car accident?

  A car accident can happen in moments, but the effects can last a lifetime. You may be unable to work and lose income. You may need medical treatment for months or years after your crash. Who pays for those losses? How can you be made financially whole again? How you get compensated depends on…

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How do I know if I have a strong car accident case?

Car accident cases are often frustrating, especially when dealing with stubborn insurance companies who will fight tooth and nail to avoid compensating you. In order to pursue damages in a car accident case, you need to be able to build a strong legal case. There can be no gray areas as to who was at…

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The best ways to protect yourself from an aggressive driver

Aggressive drivers often lose their patience easily on the road. You may see them barreling down major roads, weaving through traffic or blowing through red lights. Encountering drivers like this may be frustrating — even startling — but there are ways to reduce the likelihood of a crash with them. Some drivers may lose their…

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