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Toronto Ranked 13th Worst City for Driving Worldwide

Heavy traffic in Toronto is more than just a nuisance. Toronto was recently ranked the 13th worst city in the world for driving, according to a recent study cited in the National Post. A similar study released earlier this year found that the problem is getting even worse in Toronto when it comes to traffic...

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Toronto's Auto Speed Enforcement Cuts Excessive Speeding by 87%

Auto speed enforcement cameras in Toronto appear to have vastly reduced driving speeds where they've been deployed. City officials say since adding the Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) devices, excessive speeding — driving over the speed limit by 20 km/h or more — is down 87%. Overall, at camera locations, the number of people speeding was...

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Signs of a Wrist Fracture After a Car Accident

Wrist fractures and hand injuries are common in crashes. Whether it's a rear-end accident, T-bone crash, rollover, head-on collision, or another type of crash, just about any type of injury is possible in a car accident  - including wrist fractures. In a collision, the wrist can be fractured by the abrupt and unnatural movements of the...

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Brake Check: 10% of Commercial Motor Vehicles Placed Out of Service in Canada Due to Brake Violations

The findings stress the need for accountability in the trucking industry. Commercial motor vehicles play a critical role in maintaining the efficient movement of goods across our vast transportation networks. However, recent findings from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's (CVSA) Brake Safety Day have raised alarming concerns about brake-related violations among commercial motor vehicles in...

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The High Cost of Eye Injuries from Car Accidents

Some eye injuries can cause permanent vision loss or vision impairment. There are many ways to get hurt in a car accident, but eye injuries are some of the most painful and debilitating. From blunt force trauma to debris and shards of glass flying through the air, there are numerous ways that our eyes can...

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