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Are These Toronto’s Most Dangerous Intersections?

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Crash data analysis reveals the car accident hotspots in Toronto

Car accidents happen every day in Toronto and throughout the GTA, but some areas pose a bigger risk to drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists than others.

An analysis of City of Toronto Transportation Services crash data identifies intersections in the 6ix that had the most crashes in 2021. Calculated by NarCity, here are the area's most dangerous intersections. For context, each location experienced 7 to 12 severe car accidents in 2021.

High-risk Toronto intersections

  • Kingston Road at Port Union Road and Sheppard Avenue East - This is the roadway with the most crashes. There were 12 reported last year.
  • Two bad intersections on McCowan Road at Lawrence Avenue East and Finch Avenue East. Each intersection experienced 9 bad car accidents the prior year.
  • York Street at Lakeshore Boulevard West
  • Martin Grove Road at Dixon Road
  • Bathurst Street at Lake Shore Boulevard West
  • Neilson Road at MvLevin Avenue
  • Lake Shore Boulevard West at Jameson Avenue, Jameson Avenue Gardiner West Ramp
  • Markham Road at Sheppard Avenue East
  • Albion Road at Islington Avenue
  • Wilson Avenue at Jane Street

'Vision Zero' on a mission to end fatal crashes

Work is being done to address these and other risky intersections, as street safety has been a priority in Toronto for years. In 2016, for example, the city joined Vision Zero, a growing movement to end fatal and injury-causing car accidents.

The campaign promotes safer streets by helping communities make data-driven decisions about where, when, and how to make their cities and towns safer. This is done through infrastructure renovations and construction that seeks to accommodate all roadway users, not just cars. Bylaws that clarify road sharing are also frequently part of municipal safety plans.

Toronto has a citywide Vision Zero plan to improve on-street safety. Changes have been made, but there is still more work to be done.

Toronto intersection safety improvements

Recent Toronto intersection safety improvements include the installation of safety features designed to reduce left-turn crashes.

To prevent pedestrian accidents, long, black and yellow, rubber mounds were installed at eight intersections.

"The bumps encourage drivers to approach crosswalks at a sharper angle instead of cutting across the intersection diagonally, resulting in slower turning speeds and better visibility of people walking and cycling," says Mayor John Tory.

Risky left turns

Left-turn crashes are among the most frequent car accident types that cause injury and death. The maneuver is especially risky for pedestrians and bicyclists. This is because the turn often creates a temporary blind spot for the driver, studies note.

At least 20 percent of serious car accidents happen at intersections. The leading causes of intersection crashes include:

  • Recognition mistake - Inattention, internal and external distractions, inadequate surveillance
  • Error in judgment - Driving too fast for conditions, aggressive driving, false assumptions about other driver's actions or speed
  • Environmental factors - Snow, rain, puddles, debris on the road

Who's at fault in an intersection accident?

Intersection accidents happen all of the time in Toronto, but proving fault can be difficult. Those who witnessed the crash may have different opinions about who caused it, traffic camera footage can be erased or overwritten, and typically, people involved in crossroad crashes believe they had the right of way.

That's why it's important to contact an experienced Toronto car accident lawyer to help you through the process of recovering the compensation you deserve.

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