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When there’s a car accident, the force of impact often results in broken bones for drivers and passengers. They need medical treatment, and the expenses can add up fast. When they are unable to work because of injury, there is less income coming. The car accident attorneys at Smitiuch Injury Law help the injured recover the compensation they need and deserve.

Fractures from car crash can impact bones in the arm, wrist, neck, legs, hip and ankles. There are also different types of fractures, including stable, compound, transverse, oblique and comminuted. Treatment involves setting and immobilizing the bone (with a cast or brace). For some fractures, surgery is needed to implant pins or screws.

A fracture that is the result of an accident caused by negligence may appear to be a minor problem that will heal quickly. The long-term effects of a fracture, however, are often difficult to predict. A fracture might turn in to arthritis or the loss of strength in an arm or leg. A leg bone fracture might cause a permanent limp or require the use of walking devices. A skull fracture might arise in the context of a traumatic brain injury.

You owe us nothing unless we recover compensation for you

Since the long-term effects of fractures are often difficult to see, getting connected with the right medical professionals early on is important to make sure you get the advice and treatment you require. Our car accident lawyers work with the medical system and insurance companies to make sure our clients throughout the GTA get the treatment and support they need both in the initial days following an injury and long-term.

Our legal team will use the advice and assessment of professionals to determine what the potential outcome of your fracture injury may be. We will work with your insurer to help you secure benefits in the initial days after the injury and any other benefits to which you may be entitled.

Our investigative resources will help us to establish who might be at fault for your injury, and a catastrophic injury lawyer will discuss with you your options for seeking compensation from at-fault parties.

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Insurance companies are very familiar with our firm. We’ve been dealing with them since our founding in 2001. They know that we build strong cases that they have to take seriously. They also know that we are not afraid to take a case to trial on behalf of our clients. That’s one reason they often agree to negotiate a settlement.

At Smitiuch Injury Law, PC, we want those suffering from a bone fracture to feel comfortable seeking our services. We are a small firm dedicated to helping those who need it the most. Our "no win, no fee" approach means you will owe us nothing if we do not get you a settlement. Initial consultations are free.

Clients are at the centre of everything we do. We take your case seriously from the start and listen to understand how your injury has affected your life. Our lawyers offer honest and helpful advice, and we are dedicated to helping you get the best possible outcome.

To speak with an experienced car accident lawyer about your situation, contact us to schedule a free case evaluation. Our offices are located in Toronto, Brantford and Simcoe. If you can’t make to us, we can visit you at home, in your hospital room or any location that is convenient.


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