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Uber and Lyft, the two major rideshare services, have been popular ways to get around in Toronto for several years. Unfortunately, while most rideshare customers get to their destinations safely, accidents involving Uber and Lyft vehicles sometimes occur – and it can be difficult to know what to do in this situation. That’s why you need an experienced rideshare accident lawyer to find your path forward.

Our experienced Toronto car accident lawyers understand what you’re going through, and we have a proven track record of winning complex car accident cases in Ontario. Uber and Lyft accidents are an evolving area of law, and our law firm is at the forefront of representation in this area. If you were hurt in an accident involving an Uber or Lyft, give Smitiuch Injury Law a call for a free consultation.

What causes Uber and Lyft accidents?

Like any other motorist, Uber and Lyft drivers can cause accidents with careless or negligent actions behind the wheel. They may drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs or simply fail to pay attention to the road.

Driving for a rideshare service does introduce some specific potential hazards. The rideshare app itself can be a distraction for drivers, for example. Uber and Lyft drivers may work odd hours to get the best fares and may be tired behind the wheel, especially if they also have a full-time job. In addition, pressure to make pickups and drop-offs faster may lead to speeding or reckless driving.

None of this is to say that the rideshare services aren’t generally safe, but those risks exist – and after a ridesharing car accident, the legal situation can get complicated.

Which insurance company pays an Uber or Lyft accident claim?

Uber and Lyft drivers use their own vehicles, which means they have to carry the same legally mandated insurance as any other motorist in Ontario. However, those policies may not cover them while they are “driving for profit.” There is also Uber/Lyft car accident insurance carried by the rideshare companies that covers their drivers while they are on the job, but that only kicks in at certain times.

When a rideshare driver is involved in an accident, there are four periods of time that can affect the availability of insurance coverage:

  • Period 0: the driver is signed out of the Uber or Lyft app and not awaiting a ride request. During this period, they’re treated like any other motorist.
  • Period 1: the driver has the Uber or Lyft app open and is awaiting a ride request. The rideshare companies carry supplemental insurance with fairly low limits to cover accidents during this period.
  • Period 2: the driver has accepted a ride request and is driving to pick up a passenger. The rideshare companies have increased coverage during this time.
  • Period 3: the driver has picked up a passenger and is transporting them to their destination. The rideshare companies have the highest amount of coverage available during this time.

Obviously, if you were a passenger in an Uber or Lyft vehicle when the accident happened, you know you were in Period 3. This makes Lyft and Uber passenger injury claims somewhat less confusing. But for another motorist, cyclist, or pedestrian hit by an Uber or Lyft vehicle, it may not be clear which insurance applies to the situation. What if the driver was on their way to pick up a passenger who then canceled the ride request? Adding to the confusion, some drivers may drive for both rideshare services and have both apps open simultaneously. Who is liable in this situation?

This is why you need an experienced Toronto Uber and Lyft accident lawyer on your side as soon as possible. We know how to investigate these crashes, piece together what happened, and build a legal strategy to pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

Talk to an experienced rideshare accident lawyer today

As with any accident, you need to do three things after an Uber or Lyft accident. First, you need to call the police, get the driver’s contact information, and gather evidence. Next, you need to get medical attention right away to protect your health and document your injuries. Finally, you need to call a lawyer as soon as possible so that we can investigate your accident and start building your case for compensation.

In Uber and Lyft accident claims, there is potentially more insurance available to pay for your losses, but that also means the insurance company will fight harder to protect its bottom line. We know how to navigate this situation, submit the necessary Uber and Lyft accident claims, and, if necessary, fight for your rights in court. Usually, we can negotiate a favourable settlement, but if that doesn’t work, we will take them to trial.

If you were hurt in an Uber or Lyft crash anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, you need legal advice. It costs you nothing to talk to a lawyer at our firm, and there is no obligation, just answers about your legal options. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.


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