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At Smitiuch Injury Law, our experienced attorneys handle a wide range of cases. We know that many times, people are faced with a difficult situation and aren’t sure what to do. When you have suffered an injustice, we are ready to fight for your rights. Our lawyers help guide you through the legal process every step of the way.

Our firm offers clients the experience and legal services of a large law firm, but the personal touch that only a smaller firm can provide. Clients are at the centre of everything we do here. You’ll find a safe and helpful environment where you can feel confident that your case is being treated with the attention that it deserves.

Our firm handles cases involving:

Our firm is well-known in the legal system in the Greater Toronto Area. That’s because we are not afraid to go to trial on behalf of our clients. Our lawyers know how to build strong cases that can’t be ignored.

Learn more about how we can help you with your case. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our experienced lawyers. Our offices are located in Toronto, Brantford and Simcoe. If you are unable to come to our office, we can meet you at home, in your hospital room or wherever is convenient.

Insurance Claims

Whether you are facing recovery from an accident or require support as you adjust to life following a catastrophic injury, having access to the right kind of insurance benefits is critical. At Smitiuch Injury Law, we understand how difficult it can be to go up against insurance companies and are committed to easing the burden so that you can focus on your future.

Our dedication is to help those who need it the most. We recognize that in the days, months, and years following a life-changing accident, financial concerns can cause victims to experience additional stress and worry. We understand that at an already difficult time, the last thing that you need to worry about is devoting time and energy to fighting for compensation.

We have extensive experience helping clients navigate insurance claims. Our team of insurance claims lawyers are well-versed in the tactics often used by insurance companies and are prepared to fight vigorously on your behalf. From short-term disability and long-term disability claims to life insurance issues, we will work tirelessly to take care of the legal issues so that you don't have to.

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Breach Of Privacy

With so many aspects of our lives being stored digitally, it is hard not to worry about our private information falling into the wrong hands. Concerns about health records, financial records and other sensitive material are common and legitimate.

We recognize that being the victim of a privacy breach can have devastating consequences. The knowledge that someone has violated your reasonable expectation of privacy is deeply unsettling, and we are committed to ensuring that you do not have to go through this experience alone.

In Ontario, the intrusion upon seclusion privacy tort has been recognized as a way to protect individuals from having their personal information violated. This tort of invasion of privacy refers to intrusions into matters concerning:

  • Health records
  • Financial records
  • Employment
  • Sexual orientation
  • Sexual practices
  • Private correspondence

Our breach of privacy lawyers are experienced in navigating this aspect of the legal system and understand how to manage the restrictions and limits in order to seek fair compensation. We recognize that proving a breach of privacy can be a complex matter and are dedicated to providing our clients with compassionate support so that they can focus on moving forward.

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Defective Products/Product Liability

If you or a loved one has been injured by the use of a defective product, it is important to seek independent legal advice from a lawyer who can help you review your legal options. Our defective product injury lawyers will listen to your experience and provide you with an honest assessment of your legal case.

We help clients who have suffered a faulty construction injury or seek recourse for injuries resulting from a defective product. The product may not function the way that it was designed to, and it is unsafe. The product's design itself may also be faulty, leading to a product that poses hazards when used. In some cases, the materials used in a product may contain toxins or other dangerous materials.

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Police Brutality And Misconduct

Police officers are expected to protect public safety and help keep citizens out of harm's way. When someone who is tasked with such a high degree of responsibility behaves in a manner that contradicts their role, the results can be devastating.

Our personal injury lawyers regularly provide legal guidance and support to clients who have been the victim of police brutality. We offer skilled legal representation that you can trust from lawyers with extensive experience and legal knowledge.

If you believe that you are the victim of police brutality, it is important to protect yourself by contacting a skilled lawyer as soon as possible. From being mishandled during an arrest to being injured as a result of the use of excessive force, police misconduct can result in life-changing consequences.

Handling a police brutality charge requires a comprehensive understanding of the legal system and a history spent handling these complex cases. We welcome the challenge. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with tailored support and guidance backed by years of hands-on experience and a record of success.

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